Supply products & services to the farmers
Make your farming projects more profitable.
Buy cheaper inputs. Sell your product. Access funding and much more...
You look back at it and wonder where has it been
Currently much of small agriculture is akin to gambling: cast a seed and pray for good harvest. It must not be so. To be sustainably profitable, small agriculture requires sophisticated planning based on extensive information and expertise. It requires technology. It requires efficient contracting with other ecosystem players. EE-FARM Platform provides farmers with everything they need to be successful.
Resolve issues for most of ecosystem’s players
  • Farmer support
    We built the marketplace, and we have built hundreds of data-driven, location-specific business cases and programs to guide farmers to profitability.
  • Buyer support
    Whether you are seeking contract growers, long term supply contracts, or simply best spot opportunities, the marketplace offers those options.
  • Supplier/Provider support
    Seed, fertilizer, and other suppliers, financial institutions, and service providers have direct data & analytics enhanced client contact.
  • NGO, Government, Academics…
    Administering NGO and government programs, as well as conducting research and gathering data is made fundamentally easier.
In the simplest terms, the platform is a marketplace
EE-FARM Platform
Intelligent algorithms and a variety of communication, scheduling and coordination tools support farmers at the critical decision points and in identifying and contacting third parties.
Seed, Fertilizer, Herbicides, Equipment sales and rentals, Transportation Services, Processing Facilities and other suppliers can connect with the farmers directly.
Contract growing arrangements, supply contracts, spot purchases can all be arranged on the Platform.
Experts, NGO’s, Organizations
Expert support, research, allocation and monitoring of help and other farmer-focused projects and support can be efficiently administered through the platform.
Movement from intuitive to informed decision making
  • What product to plant?
    Requires information on market prices, climate, best fit with growing conditions, capital requirements, financial plan.
  • What Fertilizer to use? 
    Requires agricultural expertise and seed-specific expertise.
  • How to find the buyer?
    Requires awareness which buyers need what when?
  • What variety to plant?
    Requires information what varieties are required by what types of domestic and international wholesale buyers.
  • How to access funding?
    Requires awareness of variety of available credit and support programs.
  • Where to get help?
    Requires relevant expert contact information for on-going support for the relevant products.
  • How to prepare the soil?
    Requires soil testing and agricultural expertise.
  • When to sell?
    Requires understanding of market price dynamics.
  • How to plan for the future?
    Requires understanding of crop rotation, risks, financial planning.
Beyond the marketplace
Starting farmers
FARMING ACADEMY can guide in all decisions and step-by-step support to achieve sustainable profitability within three years.
Small farmers
INTELLIGENTLY selected starter kits and communal programs to compliment existing skills and crop/livestock mix.
Emerging farmer
NARROWLY TAILORED expert-driven solutions to help grow the business.
Established farmers
Integration into international Supply Chain frameworks.
We apologize for stating the obvious

The Obvious

Trade is moving to digital: those who don’t move to digital will end up on the wrong side of history.
The Less Obvious
Having direct, targeted, data driven, focused access to customers at the very moment when they need your product or service is by far the best existing sales tool to grow sales and grow market share.
The Non-Obvious
If you don’t join, others will. Sometimes you don’t have to be the best — you just need to be the first.
We provide everything to be successful
  • Empoverment
    Our Department of Development and Diversity works with women and youth groups with NGOs and with communities to develop a viable path to economic equality.
  • Sustainability
    From reducing produce waste, to efficient technology transfer, to implementing best environment management strategies we are focused on social and environmental responsibility.
  • Pragmatism
    We want the world better but we are looking for down-to-earth practical and realistic solutions to real smallholder farmers problems.
  • Transparency
    Traceability of origin, proper certification, fair practices and all other international and compliance standards are being implemented.
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